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Who are we?

Opera is not just a browser

Moltopera Company (Moltopera means "very opera") has been formed in 2011 by the concept of László Ágoston, the present general manager. The aim of Moltopera's young but highly experienced coworkers is to bring new (young) audiences to the Opera halls. The board is built up by a conductor, a pianist, a director and an administrator, we also have a great variety of professionally trained and renowned singers who we can perform any opera with, but we are also opened to work with any musicians/management sharing our best practices.

Our goal is to face the widely known stereotypes of the opera and to demonstrate that opera can be a real alternative against movie theaters and discos even in the 21st century!

Our singers

Who does a youngster listen to most? To his/her friends and peers. That's why we work with young ( in 90% 25-33 years old, freshly degreed) singers and artists in all of our productions. This must not mean any expedience: it's always crucial for us to hold the highest artistic level and choose the best singers available because youth audiences can be even more critic mostly with big vibrato, bad diction or unrealistic stage direction. Performance for young doesn't mean cheap or reduced. Just a performance from young to young, between parties speaking the same language.



Our repertoire ranges from the 20 minutes long contemporary to the three-our-taking classical ones. We have only one restriction: the choosen piece must be interesting and exciting for the young/non-operalovers of the 21st century. We also have good experience in performing shortened versions with commentaries, ready to do so in English or other languanges.


Where to whom

Anywhere. We have already performed many times in the most prestigious concert halls in Hungary (like the Palace of Arts in Budapest, or the National Theater of Pécs) but also in such extraordinary and youth-crowded venues like the legendary Szimpla "Ruin" Pub. We strongly beleive that to find and persuade our audience is our responsibility - not a big surprise if most people prefer 3D movies or Playstation to Mozart. We respect their opinion - and many times share their emotions. But we know what a young could/should like in this genre and we don't afraid to pass on this knowledge. We know how to call and communicate with them.

Our evidence is our age.


Our mission

... is to call the attention to opera and to motivate those to listen to this everlasting genre who didn't know what to look for in this type of music before. This is not restricted by age, there are no restrictions at all.

If you didn't like opera - we understand why. If you gave us a chance - we tell you why we have put our lives on it.